Welcome to this place!

The welcome we extend in this church is as broad and deep as we can make it.  We welcome you wherever you are on life's journey, no matter how young or old you are, whatever your marital or economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic or cultural heritage.  We welcome those who consider themselves to  be Christians, those  who are part of other faith traditions and all who seek to  explore the mysteries of life and serve the ideals of compassion, justice and peace. We hope that each one of us will have a great sense of belonging in this place and that we will be inspired and enabled to go out and live in the world with a greater sense of our need to work for justice, to seek peace and to be a more compassionate presence in the world.

We are a vibrant, open-minded community seeking inspiration through the Christian story. We invite you to worship with us every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.

Why Worship?

Worship helps us deepen our connection to God, ourselves and to others.  Worship happens through music, drama, service, words, silence and prayer.