Church…..Is it serious? Is it fun? How much of a commitment will I want to make? What if I just want to check it out?  How will I get to know people? What kind of activities and Community Service do people do at church? Can I join a choir? How does Mount Seymour United interact with the community, locally and globally? How are children included in this church?

If you are just beginning to explore the meaning of sacred connection, faith, the ‘bigger picture’ or however you describe your inner journey, and you have questions  - perfect! We are happy to give you lots of room to look around and learn more about us.  Find out What We Believe.

Mount Seymour United offers a bountiful choice of programs, study groups, social initiatives… s-p-a-c-e…. and yes, a Sunday morning service that involves a relevant, thought provoking sermon by our Minister, Reverend Nancy Talbot , and guaranteed great music.  

We are an open-hearted, open-minded group! Check out what we are all about – we welcome you!