At Mount Seymour United Church we are committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the sacred in community.  By “sacred” we mean all that inspires awe or reverence for something greater than ourselves, yet is a part of ourselves.

We acknowledge and respect many pathways to the sacred and draw on the Christian story as our primary source of guidance and inspiration.

Because we value each individual’s search for meaning in their lives, we strive to companion one another in seeking truth rather than insisting on right belief.

Community is important to us, not just the community that gathers on Sunday mornings, but the community in which we live, the community of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and the global community of every living thing.  We are a justice oriented people and we encourage action born of integrity, passion and purpose.

As part of the United Church of Canada we are linked to a uniquely Canadian heritage of making a difference in the world.