What Mount Seymour Means to Me..

       Anne Ellis, North Vancouver 

'For me, Mount Seymour has always felt like a second home.  A home that is full of loving and supportive people. With family members who are generous with their talents, time and love. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this community.'


Marc, Burnaby

"We love the people at Mount Seymour United because they are so welcoming, caring and progressively-minded.   We feel at home here with our minds and our hearts, and appreciate being part of such an active and thriving community. "  


Pandora, North Vancouver

 "Mount Seymour is a really supportive yet dynamic place. You''ll find really interesting people; young and old, who are active in making the neighbourhood, community and world a better place for all people."


Jen-Beth, North Vancouver

"There so many reasons to be part of this community! Relevant sermons!! Active, involved children; great acoustics; a caring ministry; innovative Sacred Circles, tending to our spirituality; inclusive welcome; unafraid to push the envelope; challenging; honouring diversity."