“The freedom and encouragement of the children helps me to relax in church.”
Congregation member
Cindy, Congregation Member

Living in sacred community means creating a place where all are welcome - all ages and backgrounds. When children enter the sanctuary we want them to see there is a space for them and we want them to know they are welcome. We hope parents and caregivers see this as a sign that they too are welcome.


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Here's What's Happening these days


Your Mission if you Choose to accept it is...

Mission 4:12*... this Summer. 



In Partnership Highlands United Church we bring you Mission 4:12 a Space Camp themed Day camp 
that will help kids learn to lead by example, 
dream of being bigger than they could ever imagine 
and how they can make a difference in the world - right now. 


July 21 - 25th


Summer Camp Registration is now open at:

More info coming after Easter. We anticipate a full camp, so please register soon.


There will be leadership opportunities for our pre-teens and teens as well. 

*Mission 4:12 - is from 1 Timothy 4:12  

You are young, but don’t let anyone treat you as if you are not important.
Be an example to show the believers how they should live.
Show them by what you say,
by the way you live,
by your love, by your faith,
and by your pure life.



IMAGINE CHILDREN'S Retreat was Fe 21 - 23: 

It was a snowy weekend that saw 6 Mount Seymour Kids, and Anne Ellis,  trek off to Stillwood Retreat Centre, near Cultus Lake BC, for the Annual - IMAGINE: Children's Retreat. 90+ children from the lower mainland and Vancouver Island and near 50 youth and adult leaders joined forces to create an amazing weekend of Fun, snow, Games, Music, snow, Hula Hoop making, Skits, did I mention the Snow? 

For a many kids this was their first experience of nights away from home and you couldn't ask for a better, more loving and caring place for children to experience this milestone. 

It was awesome. 
And the Food is pretty darn good too. 

This Sunday - March 2nd - PANCAKES!

Lent begins on March 5th this year. This Sunday we will be exploring the Story of Jesus Feeding the 5000, then helping to feed our congregation by helping make Pancakes for a Pancake Lunch after service. 

NEW PROGRAMMING- For the last 2 weeks in Feb the Leaders have been exploring a new model of programming on Sunday mornings...

After the Children leave service, we all meet in Parkgate Hall for a time of Prayer, Singing, Offering and watching one of the Holy Moly videos. Instead of dividing into the classes the children are invited to choose a 'Station' or activity they would like to do that is based on the story we have just seen. We have a game, a craft, drama, sometimes lego or other building materials. All of the stations are in Parkgate Hall so all the leaders and children stay together. This experience has been very well received by the children and the leaders enjoy working closer together. 

We also have a Feast time towards the end of our time together - if your child will be attending Sunday mornings and has a food allergy, or diet restriction - please let myself or another leader know. Thank you. 

Our leaders choose a station to run and it is a lot of fun.

We welcome all parents to take a turn at leading a station. Perhaps you have a simple craft you'd like to share? Know a great game that's lots of fun? Do you bake, make jewelry, build amazing lego structures in your basement? 

 Contact Anne if you would like to join us for one Sunday and share your gifts with your children. 

We would like to remind Parents that we take offering every Sunday we meet
and invite parents to send a small amount of money each week that their children attend CC on Sundays.

Thank you. 


Our New Senior Class on Sunday Morning's is Awesome. They are working on writing their own personal versions of the Lords Prayer, but this quickly shifts in to them asking questions like, "So just what is Jesus' Kingdom anyway?" "Who was Paul?" "When were the Gospels written?" So we've ended up spending a lot of time looking up Time Lines, discussing History and doing a lot of wondering.