How do I give?

We offer the opportunity to give to the life of the church during every worship service.  Offerings go towards the work of the local congregation; the work of the national church both in Canada and overseas through the Mission and Service Fund; and towards special projects (ie: the ministry of First United Church in the Downtown Eastside or the Lookout Shelter on the North Shore).
Regular giving is facilitated by PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) or by giving envelopes. PAR involves an automatic debit to your chequing account and allows you to allocate your giving.  For those who have given by PAR, printed cards are available to add to the offering plate. You will find them on the Action Table where you will also find a place to sign up for PAR.  

For those who prefer to make a donation directly onto the offering plate, we provide giving envelopes (with a giving number to track your gifts for tax receipt purposes.)  These givings can also be designated.  Envelopes are available in the pews and on the Action Table for occassional donations.

You can sign up for PAR or envelopes in the church office or by contacting to our Fay Butterfield at 604-929-1991.  

You can also donate online by clicking here through to Canada Helps.

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How much should I give?

We have encouraged our congregation to give to the church according to equal generosity, not equal amounts.  We’ve been amazed at how generous people can be when they believe in what they are supporting.